Wednesday, February 6, 2008

spontaneity strikes

today, i decided to skip my 2 classes and go into the city.
it's free transit week and thus i feel absolutely justified on skipping class just to walk around the city for a couple hours.

i teased myself by walking wide-eyed around the theater district.

then i took a train back to go to my voice lessons in the brunz. they are going well although i feel like a fish out of water because i have NEVER had classical training...and i feel like my past training even negates some of the techniques i'm studying now. the more i learn the more overwhelmed i get. that makes no sense but it's true.

i've been listening and learning The Last Five Years and Parade over the past week or so. i officially LOVE Jason Robert Brown.

tomorrow, i skip my 3 classes and student rush spring awakening so reene & i can go to the evening show. v, exciting.

so i only had 2 days of class this week. excellent. it's officially the weekend.

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