Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Sunday, Boring Sunday.

Well, it's Sunday, and even though I don't have Monday classes, I decided to dedicate some time today to a paper I have due next week for my Sport and Modern Society class, on the origins of the FA (Football Association). Rough, I know.

I have done minimal research on it, pulling a few quotes from one source but that's about it. I started reading my second source, only to realise that "The Playing Rules of Football and Hurling 1884-1905" is actually referring to Gaelic Football. FML. The GAA is HUGE here, and I wish I understood it better, so I did read up a bit. For any of you interested, below is a brief compilation of highlights from GAA football's wild, especially to someone who has never watched a match of it before. There's punting, kicking, dribbling basketball style, lateral passing, scoring through what we would term field goals, as well as normal soccer nets. I had a few WTF moments watching this...It's an intriguing sport to watch.

"We shall not be moved!"

On Wednesday, we went to our favorite sports pub to watch the United match. Renee and I got there way early and snagged the best seats in the place, a sofa right next to the big projector. Ballin! Of course, as soon as the match starts, the projector starts spazzing out, flickering on and off, eventually having the equivalent of seizure. We were so pissed since we got there so early nabbing seats that only were in view of the grand projector, blind ot every other TV in the place. It actually started smoking as it fizzled into projector-heaven which was pretty funny, but suddenly our seats went to shit, and now we couldn't see anything. I was about to Bale-out on the device (WHAT THE FUCK IS IT WITH YOU? WHAT DO YOU NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND? DO YOU WANT ME TO TRASH YOUR FUCKING LIGHTS?) Anyway, we ended up moving and sitting with the guys we had met a few weeks before. They remembered us by name, which kinda shocked me as I figured we were all pretty drunk last time.

United won (holla!) and Van Der Sar extended his time in net without conceding a single goal (over 1300 minutes!) Of course, Blackburn scored on us yesterday so that ruins that but Van Der Sar was resting for Tuesday's Champion's League match with Inter Milan. That should be good. I have a wager with my friend that United will win, I won't lie though, I'm a bit anxious at playing in San Siro for the first round...

Anyway, I guess the noteworthy part of Wednesday would be...absolutely nothing except that a drunken IDIOT standing behind me SMASHED his fist into my skull, so that was fun. I was drunk, but it still really hurt! Anto, one of the guys we were with, was the only one who saw but he burst into a fit of hard-core laughter which pissed me off but not very much. It was comical I guess.

Also, Rooney finally came back (after his injury) that match, and he scored with his first touch on the ball. GLORIOUS! But not glorious enough to justify same said idiot throwing his arms around me from behind and swallowing me in a massive-belligerent-beer-reeking bear-hug. That's what I get for getting a new Rooney jersey over here.


Some of you have told me that you expect more details about "crazy" nights I have had here, and that I don't talk enough about going out. Twist my arm.

Well, for starters, I need to curb my drinking habits on weekdays. It is really enticing to go out though, because the best deals for students are all on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Once the weekend hits, prices go up, and Dublin transforms into an international-touristy shitshow. I enjoy going out on the weekdays much more.

The nearly non-existent emphasis I have placed upon my studies here has allotted me the luxury thus far of treating everyday except for Monday night like the weekend, if i so desire.

In fact, I have most certainly gotten the most drunk on Sundays and Tuesdays. My friend and I went on a 10 hour drinking adventure a few Sundays ago, from a United match kicking off at 4 pm, to another bar after the match, to "suddenly" being kicked out of a different bar at 2:30 in the morning. Holy Hangover!

Spring Break

My Spring Break extends from March 7-22. But in all honesty, I guess it extends from January 12 - May 28th. Be jealous.

From March 13-22, many people are coming to see me! Kathy flies in on the 13th, Nance & J a few days later, Soap is coming the weekend after St. Patties, and Jordan, Alyson's BF is visiting during St. Patties. I find it hilarious that her boyfriend is visiting me before she does, given that she is my best friend. Girl, I sound like a broken record but I know you read this; CALL ME...for the hundredth time, I can't get in touch with you!!! Luckily, I will be gracing lovely London town the following weekend, the 27-29th.

WHOOAAAAA, your sex is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you have been asking me about the music scene over here, outside the traditional Irish music. I have compiled a list of songs that are popular over here, or that will always remind me of my time here.

Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
Kids - MGMT

These 2 songs, by far, are the most popular and most often played out at bars and clubs, with the chorus (especially for Sex on Fire) being bellowed drunkenly at the top of everyone's lungs at around 2 in the morning. I think you all should give them a listen.
In addition, these songs get some play as well.

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Last Night - The Strokes
Crack the Shutters - Snow Patrol

I'm sure I will add to this short list, but this accounts for what I have (drunkenly) taken note of in my time here thus far, and what I can recall of the top of my head. Some old, some new, some unfamiliar. I like it.


I am going to try and watch a bit of the Oscars online now, although it will go on until 4 in the morning so I probably will call it quits well before that. Cheers!

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