Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 3

Welp, Tuesday was one of the most hazardous nights here in Dublin so far. Hazardous is the best word I could think of - maybe notorious as well. It makes the top 3, sandwiched between Shag-Tag Wednesday when Kelly was here in early May, and an unforgettable night on the second Sunday in February that started watching United vs. West Ham in town and ended in Meath 10 hours later.

"Hazardous" for different reasons:
Shag Tag night because it was the most drunk I had ever been in Dublin and I woke up sitting on a windowsill in the bathroom of the nunnery...Classy. All in all, things could have been much worse that night but it still sticks with me.

That afternoon-turned-night in February because it changed my life here for the next 5 months - for good? For good. It changed me but I didn't know it at the time. It's crazy to think about little things, coincidences, circumstances that align or collide - however you want to see it - and end up changing your life. It's currently filed away as "hazardous" in my mind but was once labeled under far better things like "captivating" and "hilarious" and "embarrassing" even. Perhaps I will re-label it again eventually. Who knows. That was the day I went out with CiarĂ¡n for the first time.

This most recent Tuesday makes this notorious list because I twisted my ankle on a curb circa 3 am and had to literally hobble to a cab. It hurt immediately and that's how I knew it was bad, as I was also severely intoxicated at this time. Having a ruckus night out at the Purty Kitchen (Durty Purty) with Andrew Mann (<-- Amazing.) and then later the Mezz (Mess), it was just a typical fantastic Tuesday...that happened to go incredibly wrong. Anyway, the pain in my foot sobered me right up. After getting out of the cab and hopping on one foot back to my apartment, I bumped into two Irish guys that were so kind and carried me into my apartment and bedroom. I spent the night falling in and out of sleep, at moments shuddering, feeling cold and literally shaking in pain like Harry Potter having one of his crazy dreams. (Had to throw in some HP love...sooo anticipating the film once I can walk again...Jizzpecto-patronum! - SEAN <3). I sobered up and my ankle began to swell and change a dark and mystic shade of purpley-blue...Brilliant contrast with my pale-as-hell skin and I do enjoy looking at it but my fascination ends in frustration after a minute or so as I hobble around my apartment and the world outside goes on without me.

I'm getting better, but the last few days have sucked. I rely so much on walking here. It's also one of my favorite things as I've mentioned before. I feel trapped but have also gained some clarity and appreciation about how I should spend my last 3 weeks here once I'm healed. I'm hoping to be back on my feet by Saturday, and my foot is much improved from what it was on Wednesday. I'll write when I'm back on my feet.

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