Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why not to talk to strangers:

Jesus & U BFFaeaeae

So, on Bloomsday last month when I missed the last bus home and took it upon myself to walk home, I neglected to mention one thing. When I was strolling the streets in my own little world, a woman asked me for the time. We started talking and walking in the same direction....I'm clearly intoxicated, she asks for my number, and mentions something about religion that I don't remember, wasn't paying attention at all. Nothing could dampen my spirits so I gave this crazy my number and left her at the LUAS station.

Well, I have been getting periodic texts from this girl every few days and it has been fucking hilarious!!!! Normally I just delete them after laughing, but today's was too good:

" Belovd hope U'r havin a glorious day. Nomata d chalenges u may encounta, remember; U were raisd 2getha wit Christ.U'r a victor in Christ Jesus!God has calld U in2 a life of rest & glory. Discova & walk in His purpose 4 U as U feloship wit us 6:30 tonite. "

Imagine being woken up at 9 am by this text. I can make fun of this from so many different angles I don't know where to begin.

Got to run now though, Durty Purty Tuesdays await!

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