Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Timing is a bitch (as usual)


I don't think I ever elaborated upon just how many jobs I applied for in Dublin. I stopped counting, but without a doubt, over 30. Meaning, either walking to bars or clubs and asking to speak with the manager and handing over my CV, or applying online through job-seeking websites, each time hoping to craft a cover letter that molded me into their ideal candidate. As I mentioned, I ended up doing some part time catering work and the one night at The O2 doing concert promotional work.

Yesterday I received an email from one of the managers at offering me a job as a Marketing Assistant that I had applied for in June. Working from home, I would explore Dublin and write creative reviews of the places I visited, posting them online on the website with pictures and information about why I liked or disliked the place. Yelp is hoping to launch a strong base in Dublin, having originated in Cali, and is hoping to find a few part time employees who would jump-start the reviews and generate an interest in the website. I wrote a few reviews for some of my favorite places in Dublin, and submitted my cover letter and CV to Yelp as requested. I never heard back and forgot about it until yesterday. This would have honestly been the ideal job for me: I love writing, and in Dublin I was constantly hoping to seek out new places to shop, eat, relax, etc. I would be getting paid to do what I would love to do anyway.

If I had this job a few months ago, it would have literally bought me a few more weeks in Dublin. In fact, I can say with confidence that I would be airborne right now on my way home, as my lease on my apartment terminated today.

What a tease.

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