Monday, January 11, 2010

You sing, I'm killed.

I'm just not the same
As I was a year ago
And each minute since then.
[Snow Patrol]

Freud says that fragments of our dreams slip swiftly through a mental sieve upon waking. That's why most of us only remember bits and pieces of our dreams, if anything. This phenomenon is brought on by the arousing of our five senses as we gain consciousness and become attuned to our present surroundings. The dreams slip away.

I cannot help but draw parallels between Freud's abstraction and the way I remember my life in Dublin. Memories subside, and fade. With few exceptions, the recollection of textures, colors, noises, climate, and locations all lose their crispness as time endures.
But the feelings remain, and at least in this fact, I can find comfort.

Exactly one year ago today, I left for Ireland. And even if Freud is right about dreams, I still have the feelings.